I always wait for something perfect to happen for me to start writing something

I forget that every moment can be made perfect by just changing your mindset

I sit here in my room today not knowing what I should write about

But I know I want to write

For it is the only way I wont feel lonely

For it is the only way I can express what I want to express

I have so many things to share with this world

I am not dead

I am alive despite my malfunctioning muscles and nerves

I want to rant on and on but I want to make sense

After all, who is going to listen?

Who cares if I make sense?

In the end who love me will always love me

Whoever hates me will find ways to hate me

I cannot please everyone; I can please myself

This is my attempt at pleasing myself

This is my attempt to live my best life

I want to journal it

I want to share with the world my opinions

I want to matter in a world where there are people like Tomi Lahren

I don’t want to be a hater but I cannot stop worrying about the hatred people like her spread in this world

I will share my random ramblings here

Will you listen?

I know someone is listening.