An unpublished article I wrote on July 22, 2018

As I am sitting here sipping my Matcha latte on a Thursday morning, my beautiful flower friends are smiling at me and I see a glimmer of hope. I know things are changing. 

As I decided to be a lifestyle blogger, I wanted to prove worthy of this title. This comes with a lot of responsibility. I am not a great writer; please forgive me for that. I write mainly to put my thoughts together for myself and in the hopes to inspire people through my journey 

Let's lighten the mood up a little bit now. As I have been focusing on my life a lot trying to find happiness, I have put together this list of stuff that motivates me. On a side note, I wanted you to know that this article wasn't written in one day. No more ranting; I am getting right into the topic. Below listed are few different ways I motivate myself. I decided to make a few different parts of this because I wanted to club a few things together and at the same time did not want this to be super long. 


Have you ever read something that immediately sparked something within you? Have you ever felt like the lines were written just for you? So, what do you decide to do with it? 

Instead of forgetting about the quote, I take a screenshot or write it down depending on where I am reading it. Then I put it on a nice piece of thick paper or canvas sheet. I color it, decorate it, embellish it and then hang it on the wall where I can see it everyday. The power of this is unimaginable. The more positive stuff you surround yourself the more positive your mentality becomes. I want to talk to you about few of my favorite quote resources.  I love Lisa Simpson quotes.  I love the feminism aspect. Being a feminist means being treated equally. I also understand at the same time that I am not as strong as a man can be. I was listening to Young Turks the other day and my favorite Ana Kasparian said "I am a feminist but I know there are times when I feel weaker than a man, I want to feel safe and protected by a man". I feel the same way. Pick quotes that connect to your soul more and make you a better person. I love Rupi Kaur, RM Drake and many other poets I follow on Instagram. 


I can't tell you how much of a life saver books are. I have a specific genre of books I like; Memoirs are my favorite. I love short stories too. I used to never read books. Growing up I didn't really have any great hobbies except sketching. I used to get amazed by girls who can read books. I also knew some girls who used to read books because it is cool. I just never found interest until a few years ago I finished a book in 2 days. The book was "Eat Pray Love". I found passion in this book. I realized my love for travel, cultures and food through this book. I am not exaggerating when I say this- I read 4-5 books right away after that. And that has continued and my love for books continued. Or if I may say, my love for books spiked up. I got through some toughest of time with books. Jane Eyre helped me during my most difficult times. She was my best friend. She made me enjoy my loneliness. She made me want to be the best version of myself. Even today, on rough days, a good book gets me out of stress. I write this while I watch Anne with an E. Anne of Green Gables is another of my favorite books. Anne taught me to appreciate my uniqueness, my imaginative capabilities, my unwillingness to accept reality the way it is. I was and will always LIVE IN FANTASIES. At one point in my life, I took a brave step in a land I didn't know because I believed in fantasies. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!! I love them. I want to read as many books as I can before I die. I want to talk extensively about things in this world. I don't want to be a girl that just lived in her comfort zone. 

Wait for part 2....