What is your word?

I was watching Eat Pray Love the other day and there was a scene which talked about everyone having a word. This got me thinking about what my word was.

What is my word? I decided to think about this so I can work towards achieving this in whatever I do. Every day I would ask myself what I really wanted from life. It wasn't hard for me to come up with the answer. I know this is probably what everyone thrives for : Happiness.

Yes, my word is Happy. If you are happy with whatever you do, you get through everything with ease. My life right now is pretty simple. I wake up, go to work, I work on my blog, YouTube and other social media related things. When weekend hits I grocery shop and eat out. Off late I have started hating the mundane life. What has changed? What went wrong?A few years ago, just taking a day off from work made me happy. Now nothing does. 

I have found this monotonous life rather boring. It makes me sad to go through every day without creating an impact. I thrive to live a fulfilling life. I have stopped making plans for my future. I sit around and brood over why I lost the spark. Why have I lost my word? I didn't want to accept my current situation. I fought because I couldn't live the way I wanted to. What I didn't realize was that you can be happy accepting your current situation simultaneously working towards changing for better. Yes, that is very much possible. I want to be happy with everything in my life. I know life is full of peaks and valleys. When a valley hits I know it is just going to get better. Depression hits when you believe that you are going to stay in the valley. Anxiety is when you know and are constantly waiting for that bad time to show up. 

Depression and anxiety are horrible monsters. Don't let it come anywhere near you. I say this from personal experience. Anxiety is much more than just a feeling. It leads to myriads of health issues. If health is not good, there is never any happiness. Work hard every day so you can be happy. Don't sit around. Work hard, show up and never give up. 

Happiness is always going to be my word. In everything I do I want to be happy. If I can't do it, I will work to change my current situation without going through anxiety. I read about people dying at a young age, I read about sudden deaths and this makes me nervous. What if I die tomorrow? I want to be remembered as the happiest person that lived. Happy not because of external things, but because I was blissful from inside. 

Hope you enjoy what I write. I also have a YouTube channel. Here is the link!