2017 was a great year filled with mini travel trips. One of the important trips I took was to California. Spending almost 10 days there made me realize how much I love to travel. Living far away from home taught me one major lesson; to make every place home where I feel alive and happy. 

One of the biggest troubles I have, actually on a daily basis, is that I don't know where I belong. I constantly feel in between countries like I am floating away on the Atlantic ocean. I lived in India for 19 years and for the past 10 years I have been living in the United States. During these 10 years I changed and evolved into who I am today. I keep thinking India is still my home but I am married to an American. I love America too and it is my home too. 

I have said that a few times on my other blog posts. All I really want to be is a citizen of the world. I want to travel to new places and have adventures. I want to make myself home everywhere I go even if it is for a few days. When I visited Germany I felt really alive like I found a new home. When I visited California I felt like home again. Every time I visit Philadelphia I feel like I have found "THE PLACE". I am sure this is going to keep changing every time I go to a new place. 

The most exciting part of travelling for me is the feeling of freedom that comes with it. And I am not a fussy traveler. I make up plans and schedules for a day and if I can't manage to keep my schedule I am quite fine with it. Some people want to get up at 5 am in the morning and want to get so much done that they are too tired to do anything the next day. That is why i feel like home wherever I go. I wake up when I want to and enjoy the day. My most favorite thing to do when I travel is strolling through small cities looking at the buildings and neighborhoods that actually define the city. I like to find good food and coffee. Famous architecture and knowing the history of a place excites me the most. When I went to California, my favorite thing to do was to pick a place a day and just walk the streets until I got super tired. Then I would sit down to eat or have a cup of coffee. And I get up and repeat. 

I am a semi extrovert. I love to converse with people that feel comfortable with me. I can easily identify fake people so I keep my distance from them. Traveling made me realize that I should become more friendly. This is the only way you can get the best feel of a place you are in.

When I travel I like to take every possible thing with me in my suitcase. I am still in search for perfect travel accessories. The first and foremost is to find a lightweight bag to carry with so I can take basic necessities when I get out for the day. A perfect pair of flip flops and sneakers if its summer or comfy boots in winter will help especially because I walk a lot. I cannot travel without my camera. After I started being on social media a lot I have realized the importance of photos and videos. 

I am definitely making a post on basic travel necessities and what I carry with me. I am sure I can get good input from other people and at the same time be helpful to others.  I am so excited to travel this year more than ever. My feet are aching to be placed somewhere new and somewhere exotic.  

Hope you enjoyed this post. Any feedback from you is appreciated. Enjoy your day! 

Lots of love and positive vibes 

-PA <3