What is my year 2018 going to look like?

Hello beautiful people,

Now that you have figured out I don't have a consistency in when I am writing my blog, let us that clear that off the table.

Ok lets get to the real stuff. I started off my New Year sick, thanks to the really cold freezing weather here on the east coast. So I took a decision that I am going to start my New Year a week after the birth of 2018. That leaves me only 358 days to accomplish my goals for 2018 which is quite alright. 

Since today is the first day officially for me I want to wish you all readers a very Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed your holidays with your loved ones. I had a wonderful holiday as well. We had a Christmas party at home. If you want to be a part of my Christmas party by watching it you should click this link right now- https://youtu.be/IBEmuNL8I7g. Then it was the usual stuff. We went to Edwin's mom's for Christmas eve and his sisters for Christmas day. 

It was all leading to a good start until I fell sick. But I decide not to dwell over it. My 2018 is all about health, happiness, career success and family. I have so many amazing thoughts but unable to organize it. I have been watching inspiring videos getting ideas from them. But again that is all I have been doing. I realized it is time to implement it. I have been thinking of doing daily vlogs on my channel to take myself and everyone with me on a journey to successfully live my best life this year. I feel accountable if people are watching me going through my to-do lists every day and hustling hard through my life. 

Apart from career goals, I have planned to go to India finally yay! I am going in March and I am super excited about it. Like I said this year is for FAMILY!! I have many more surprises planned for my family which I cannot reveal right now. Why don't you just wait for it?

I have health as one of my main goals for this year. Since happiness leads to good health I am just going to do that. Living in the present is the key. Making myself home wherever I am instead of complaining is what I am aiming for. There is so much to look forward to and I am still young. I don't want to please others and I don't want to live anyone else's life. 

Kill them with kindness. Be kind to people and help each other out. That is the only way to live. Alright now that I sound like a free advice giver I am going to end this post. 

If you are reading this and I have some time on your hands, can you tell me what your New Year goals are? I love to hear your feedback. This year is THE YEAR. Let us be successful together. 

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-PA <3