Why am I making a Bucket list?

I have been thinking about a lot of things off late. I want my life to be meaningful. I want to achieve things so my last few days on this earth can feel like the best days ever. I want to get STUFF DONE and have EXPERIENCES that are fulfilling. 

I am only 30 but I feel like time is flying. This year marks my 10 year anniversary in the U.S. I still remember the immature silly girl that landed in America with no clue on what life is going to be 10 years later. All I knew was I always lived in fantasies. I want my life to be always a fantasy but I don't want to die without having my dreams come true. Now here you should understand that these are not really my specific career goals. These are very unique set of things I want to check off as I go through my days. 

I was thinking hard on what I really want out of this life. Many thoughts popped in my head. I sat down to think what would really give me butterflies when it happens. What are those few things I craved to experience or own or do? This list is not a "one day, get it done in a few hours", list. This list is going to take a few days to complete. But I got a start on it. Life should be meaningful. No one knows what happens after death.  Before I go on ranting further here is the  first few items on the list..

1. Visit Egypt - I don't know why but I always wanted to see Egypt. This goes back to when I was a teenager. When I land in Egypt I am sure I will feel the butterflies because this is one place I want to go to so badly. 

2. Earn a million dollars - I know this is a materialistic wish but I really want to earn a million dollars in my life. I always hear about how hard people work to get there and it motivates me. I want to give it to my parents and sister so they can have a trouble free life. I want to see that million dollars in my bank. I want to give it to people in need and I hope I can achieve this. I don't want to own a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton bag. I just want to help my family and other people. I want them to feel luxury. I know I will achieve this. 

3. Fly first/business class - This is something I always wanted to do. I always see people flying so comfortably in business class ordering fancy things and getting best service. I really feel like if I could do it at least once in my life I will be happy. I don't have to always fly business class. 

4. Take a solo trip - I want to travel to a new place and explore things by myself. My husband will sure be very supportive of this. I feel like this would make me a stronger person. You find out a lot of things about yourself when you take a solo trip. It is just something I always wanted to do. I love to travel to new places and I can't wait for the day when this comes true. 

I could only think of these for now. This post will have a few updates. The joy of accomplishing these is going to be the best feeling ever. I am an extremely ambitious person and I hope I can work hard to get where I want to be. I believe that the universe is abundant and it gives you everything you ask for. I believe in the supreme power of this universe. 

That is all for now. If you are reading this and have some time, would you like to share with me what your bucket list looks like if you have one? I would love to hear all about it. 

Lots of love from me to you. Be happy, be yourself and live in the moment.

-PA <3