What are my hobbies really?

Hola! The other day when I was vlogging for my YouTube channel I was talking about determining my hobbies. I felt like I did not get a chance to talk about it much. How could I? If I make a 30 minute video no one will watch it. I have so many platforms to express myself. Which is why I am here to write about it. 

When I was 3 or 4 I had a neighbor called Raju. He was my sister's best friend. He was a wiz kid. It is he from whom I realized that I loved sketching. At a very young age I started finding interest in sketching. He taught me this one drawing of a boy with a dog. He always drew that and I silently just followed it. I drew similar things. I learned to draw cartoons. That was my biggest discovery about myself. I love to sketch even today. I am sad to say I don't do much nowadays because of life's other overwhelming responsibilities. Since I have started vlogging I realized I could use this opportunity to get better at keeping my hobbies. 

Apart from Sketching something that not many today know about me is my love for dancing. I used to take part in every dance competition until I was 13 or 14. I was always choreographing and trying to each other people new steps. I always liked to be in the lead. If I couldn't I never really fussed about it. I just enjoyed the idea of dancing. But I completely stopped dancing when one of the teachers told me that I am not a good dancer and that I stoop a lot. She said my posture wasn't good. How sad! I never had this problem. Everyone always enjoyed my dancing. I just gave up on this hobby. Recently I started taking Zumba classes. But I don't like it. It makes me feel like I am instructed to move in a particular way and is very exercise oriented. I danced for fun and that is how it should be. May be I should take up some fun dance classes? 

Apart from these I love reading books. I didn't start reading books until I was 23 or 24. But I have read a lot of books since then. I have very few genre of books I like. I love to read biographies, memoirs, autobiographies, inspiring novels, children's stories and few other selective books that fall into other categories.

I don't know if cooking is my real hobby but I really love cooking. Cooking is therapeutic. I enjoy making food at home than eating out. Although I won't deny that some days I have cravings for some restaurant food and also I have days when I hate cooking. But I can definitely say I love cooking. I love fresh healthy food. I have always loved to try cooking really healthy Indian food. Indian food has always been my absolute favorite. But I love to try every cuisine because variety is the spice of life. I have tried so many different cuisines so far and can't wait to try even more. 

Apart from these I want to develop some new hobbies. I really want to learn playing an instrument. I am not sure which one it is. I would like to learn something that is portable. May be a violin or ukulele? 

Let's see what is in store for me. I am ready to learn all the new things and keep my old hobbies. 

Hope you enjoy my writing. Let me know in the comments what you think. Also if you want to hear me talk, here is the link to my YouTube channel. Please check it out. 


Be happy, be yourself and live in the moment

-PA <3