What inspires me?

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome back. Since I was a kid I had always been interested in reading and watching stories of successful women. It inspires me more than anything else on this earth. I sound like a feminist because I am one. Very rarely some women can make me very mad that I can't stand the thought of looking at them again. I am never unreasonable with my hatred or anger. Then, I come to terms with the situation and forgive them because sometimes people can behave weirdly because of a lot of reasons including a bad time they are going through. You never know what a person is going through just by looking at them or talking to them. People always like to show you the side they are most comfortable with. 

True fact is that I love women empowerment. I love strong women even when they are a little bitchy or bossy. I support women around the world that are trying to make a difference. I do believe in spreading kindness like its confetti. That is the most admirable quality for me in a person. But if you are trying to achieve something and negative people are getting in your way, you are allowed to be bossy and not let them affect your success or bring you down. I want to make a blog post about all the women that inspire me. This is my most favorite topic in the entire universe. I can talk on this topic every day, every minute and every second. 

I don't understand why women are jealous of other women. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Every one is talented and gifted. It is up to you to make the best of it. If you waste your time while someone else is getting to the finish line, it is your problem and not theirs. So, don't be jealous of women that achieve great things in life. Instead look up to them, learn from them and create role models. One day you will be a hero to some one else. 

I have struggled with confidence most of my life. I have learned to get out of that and understand the beauty within me. I have learned that nothing is going to happen brooding over things I can't have. Instead I know I can start today, right now to make a difference in my life and in lives of thousands of women around the world. This website is my effort to fix myself and reach out to other women as well. 

This is all for now. If you like what I write please share in the comments below.

Lots of love and positive vibes from me to you. 

-PA <3

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