Silent Monster and health

So, recently I have been having constant acid reflux issues. I don't even know if it is acid reflux  because I never once felt heartburn or any other symptoms usually associated with GERD. I don't constantly burp or have the acid coming up feeling. 

Having said that, I want to know what the root cause of this issue is. I googled and read a lot of articles on this. I have bought and downloaded books on acid reflux. Nothing to avail. Since I am vegan it is hard to find a proper diet that works for me. It would be nice if someone wrote a book called "Vegan diet rich in carb for people with throat reflux". Well, I sure can promise you that I will write it if I find the cure of this weird unknown disease.

I always go back to this one book "Killing me softly from inside" because it talks about silent reflux and gives a lot of vegan alternatives for recipes. Silent reflux is when you only feel the symptoms in your throat and not really feel any other typical GERD symptoms. I got excited when I finally found a term that I could associate with the health concern I have been having. The only drawback with this book is that the diet that the author wants you to follow is super strict and not very "carb" friendly. Given that I am a vegan and also an Indian makes it a bad case for me.  But I tried. I tried really hard to follow a few recipes. I modify some but most of the stuff tastes bland and boring. How am I, a carb loving vegan, supposed to restrict myself to this lifestyle? 

So, I am on this quest - "FIND A VEGAN CURE FOR SILENT REFLUX". I should and will find out a cure for this most irritating disease. I am just going to call it a "silent monster". I am going to find the mother ship of this monster and destroy it once and for all. All this because I am a very healthy person in general and I don't deserve this. I love my carbs and coffee. I know that carbs are not unhealthy as long as it is the right kind of carbs. I hate when people say how bad fruits and rice are for them and that they are high in sugar content. I want to scream out loud "NO"! Fruits are not bad for you. Added sugar desserts and candies are bad for you. If you don't eat these you can happily survive on the life enriching, energy giving and amazing carbs that fruits and rice have. 

Oh well, now that you, the reader, have acknowledged that I have derailed from the topic, I want to go ahead and tell you that I promise I will find an absolute cure for killing this silent monster. I have an excel spreadsheet in progress with food items and recipes that have high pH value. Hey reader, if you have the same issue as me can you give me some tips? Can you contribute to this spreadsheet? It would be great to get some help in this battle. Also not to forget to mention I have been drinking alkaline water nowadays. I sound like a water snob that complains about all kinds of water and just drinks from a plastic bottle brought in convenience stores. No but really this probably has been helping me a little. You should give it a try. 

I will share my updates with you through this journey. What is better than feeling healthy and happy? 

Come back here for updates. Also while you are here and made it to the last line, why don't you go ahead and check my YouTube channel. I am proud of that project and I'd like to boldly tell you that my baby is pretty awesome. Check her out -

Thanks all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful day, night or evening whichever part of the world you are in. 

Much love

-PA <3