Beautiful by Marie D'Abreo

As promised I wanted to write my monthly book review. September's book was Beautiful by Marie D'Abreo.

First off, this book was so easy to read. I finished reading it in a half hour. I loved that it didn't take too long for me to read it. I read it at a Bookstore near me. When I finished reading it I told my husband, "Have you ever read a book that changed your life?, I just did"

This book was short, sweet and to the point. If you are anything like me you'd love this book because of the picture illustrations. I remember the book by the characters my mind makes up in the fantasy world. This book already had the picture of the girl so that saved my brain some work. It is a simple read for people of any ages. May be I should correct that. It has tips about how to get attention from your crush. But I have selective listening which works to my benefit. I am married to a man that treats me like a queen even when I look my worst right after I wake up. But I have had times when I am the only one in the room that no one talks to. Sometimes people knowingly ignore me and I can see it. I have felt like a misfit most of my life. I have had people not look into eyes when they talk to me. In the process of doing so I always underestimated myself. I told myself I am not worthy. This is not true. The book teaches you to be your own unique self no matter how you look or feel. It teaches you to appreciate yourself on any day. Once you stop thinking about what other people are thinking about you, that is when you start living. When you stand up for yourself and love yourself is when you attract others. A girl is more attractive when she loves herself and that my friends, is so hard to find nowadays

I love this book for all the above reasons. There are only a few minor things I didn't like about the book. I felt like it should have covered more of the "after enlightenment" story. Most of the book was about how the girl felt not so comfortable in her body. It should have showed more of her thoughts after she realized she was unique and she is going to love herself. That way she is more attractive than the "barbie doll" girl in the room who is so conscious about her looks and that is all she has to offer. Smartness in a woman is more attractive than any other trait according to me. Beauty doesn't stay with you long term.

This book may not be for all. But if you can take away the message that is more suitable to what situation you are at in your life then it makes more sense.

Give this book a try and let me know what you think.

Book name- Beautiful by Marie D'Abreo

Lots of love 

-PA <3

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