Hello people! My name is Priya. I was born in India. I moved to the U.S in 2008. I have wonderful parents and a beautiful sister. She is married to a great man and they have a daughter. As far as I know my niece is the smartest 5 year old I know. I am married to the awesomest and the handsomest man. I know that I used superlatives for all the people in my life because that is how much I appreciate them. I am grateful for these wonderful souls in my life.

I am a girl in science. Love data and playing around with it.  I also got certified as a Yoga teacher. Unfortunately I cannot teach at the current moment due to an injury. I will update this section when I am ready to teach. 

That is all I can talk about me. I don't know much about myself yet. I am here to explore the beauty of life and discover myself. I am here to share everything with you; my journey, my musings, my happiness and my sadness. Don't run away. After all we are all made up of these mixed emotions. My blog is my life in words. 

Before you leave feeling all interested and curious to check out my other pages, I want to tell you that I am also a YouTuber. It is my other profession and yes it is a real job. I know I know I am full of surprises, aren't I? I have the links to all my YouTube videos on my YouTube channel page. It is pretty damn good according to me. It may be mediocre to you. But I promise you wont be bored. So why don't you give it a try?

I have one question for you. Will you stay with me through this journey and be a part of my family?